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Discussion on: How you created your first side project?

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Rishi Purwar Author

Hello Charanjit,
Great! Actually I am working on my side project.
One thing I want to know is side project must be unique?
Because the project in which I am working is already exist but I know I have some more ideas to add into it.
And other thing, Is it Ok if my website have some similarity with the existing one's.

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Charanjit Chana

Well it all depends really, almost everything is inspired by something else so there's no harm but you'll have to ask yourself if your additions are going to make people switch to whatever you're building over the existing project?

As for the website having similarities, you can of course take inspiration but you're building a competing product so why not take the opportunity to position your project in a different way?

You can always think outside of the box and follow some basic tips to make the project your own:

Steve Schoger has a great set of 🔥 Design Tips he collated on Twitter, for example.

Another option would be to look at a UI framework, Tailwind for example (also by Steve Schoger among other people), Bootstrap (v5 is on the way) or Material Design. With these tools at your disposal you may find that your project becomes a bit generic, but it will also be well structured and have all the essentials to help you get your message across.