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Discussion on: 5 Tips for better NPM script organization

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The Jared Wilcurt

npm is never capitalized officially.

  • npm, Inc. - When talking about the company
  • npm - When talking generically about the product
  • - When talking about the website
  • npm - When referencing code to be executed (such as npm install)
  • npx - For executable code (which is what it is used for most of the time).
  • npx - If referring to the product, such as "You can view the source code on the npx repo".

Important thing is just don't put it in all caps ever. Similar to typing "Macdonalds Big Mac", people will know what you are talking about, but it is better to use their official brand name, "McDonald's Big Mac". Unless intentionally misbranding is the point (à la Banksy) people may dismiss your article as uninformed, unpolished, or unprofessional and skip it before giving it a chance.

Hope that helps.