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I recommend going in person and talking to the speakers and organizers. Many meetups and conferences (particularly the free ones) prioritize new speakers so it's just a matter of finding the right people in your area.

Events with "lightning talks" are a great place to start because you get to meet multiple speakers at once, and they'll be able to help guide you to the right people.

As for finding the events themselves, I just launched a prototype of a site designed for just that: findTech.events (open-source on github)

I've only gotten a few hours in on the project so far, but the idea is that you will be able to search for conferences in your area, with your preferred techs, and if I can get the data - call-for-proposal dates.


That's very useful! Thanks a lot for sharing!


That's a neat project! It was useful for me, even as it is. I found a conference nearby that I might end up going to in April. Thanks!

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