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I did a bit of research on where the notion of the "10x developer" came from.

They did compare (not many) devs of similar experience levels and figured out that some devs AVERAGED over 10x more productive than others across a variety of metrics. (Some individual metrics were much h higher)

However, measuring productivity and true value is hard and the metrics, sample size, and test methodology are all highly controversial.

I tried to sum up those controversies a while back on dev.to: dev.to/thejoezack/4-reasons-why-th...


very interesting article you wrote. :-) lots of links for further reading.
and I agree with you measuring is hard. often controversial. still, like you, I am interested in my personal growth and don't care much if 10x devs exist or not - or are just 3x the average. I just want to become better and faster - without giving up quality.


Same here, I want to be better at the stuff that's easy to measure AND the stuff that isn't!

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