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Discussion on: What I Learned From Bombing An Amazon Coding Assessment

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Kevin Ard

Rex is a little like awk. Despite my love for it, I use it in code judiciously - just for the sake of who-comes-next. If the thing can be done effectively otherwise, I'll probably use the otherwise. a point. I'm not going to trade a rex for an O^n^6 for the sake of who-comes-next lol.

For my own uses, though? Wait.. that form was misconfigured and now you have 840 contest submission emails you're manually copying/pasting to a spreadsheet?!?! Fwd those and give me 4 minutes. 🤓

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Riaan Pietersen

:D hahaha. Seeing a good regex in action is literally like magic! Aloha-regex and BANG - magic.