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All awesome comments! But I was going with a more broad context here. Learning frameworks is important. Data structures is important. Both will happen. But this was to get out of the bubble of learning the bare basics of a language and moving on. To get the discipline to see the bigger picture and not be swayed by every YouTube video that appears and says something along the lines of "why JavaScript sucks and you should learn blah blah language" or "why c# is dying in 2020". There's are tons of people that don't know any better, I was one of them, and you not only get stuck in tutorial hell but basics hell.

I was not saying only learn one. Obviously you bounce around from language to language as you need for projects or jobs but at the point where you are getting paid for it you have the knowledge to be able to be fluid with languages. But as beginners that's not really the case. This was to get people out of the stuck perpetually as a beginner stage.

It seems like most who have commented haven't had this issue. But that's for solid advice!

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