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re: First thing to note, if you're wanting to store data in a database, drop MongoDB for a real DBMS (particularly a RDBMS like PostgreSQL, as you'll a...

On the subject of replacing parts of MEAN, also replace Express with Nestjs (it wraps Express under-the-hood, but aligns with your Angular code!)


I tried nestjs , but felt it restricts a user into learning nest and it's pattern, while express gives a user a freehand into understanding nodejs , nest is more like angular styled nodejs which seems very restrictive on the server side and I felt not much of an advantage

While Nestjs is a framework and it does have its own approach to things, you can still interface directly with the underlying express instance.

I suggest exploring dependency injection on your server side, it was the 2nd reason I chose to start with Nestjs (1st again being it aligns so well with my Angular code!)

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