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With great difficulty! There are unit tests for the client FE code - which are relatively painless and standard, but these change a lot depending on the frameworks adopted. The last project I was working on was an Angular based web app, the next is likely to be a React based web app - each comes with its own testing framework.

But we do try and use Protractor to do some browser testing for our Front End as well as running End to End testing, however, browser versions were the undoing! We spent a lot of time updating the end to end tests/component tests to work with the latest browser versions. Sometimes it was as simple of upgrading Protractor, others involved some refactoring - but it does add overhead!

I was just discussing with a colleague this morning the plethora of front end testing frameworks there are: Jasmine, Jest, Mocha, Chai the list goes on! (And sometimes you might use a combination of them!)

Something that has worked well for us is that we have used Cucumber/Gherkin for our component and End To End testing. This has meant that there was a common language of testing regardless of the language/frameworks adopted for the actual components. Something I would definitely recommend to others to consider.

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