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Discussion on: Which units of measure do you use and why in CSS?

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

lol its not such a trivial point as other posters suggest in jest, I am more comfortable and familiar with em, but agree that we need to move past the measurements that are not professionally relevant and clean up the code base of its manifold uselessness before it becomes akin to the common law in its esoteric complexity. Such a range of potentialities simply makes it harder to learn/debug/maintain and so we should work towards a better civil law like form.

EDIT: Why I use EM, the conversion is easy to do in my head and I never llooked up the REM conversion due to the academic environment I learned to use it in preferring the EM units. Upon doing some inspections, I am not firm on the point and would concede to REM for its wider adoption if there was to be a standard.

Though the country is not run by the President, whatever your opinion of him. We haven't nearly an impulsive form of government in the United States as our alarmists or those not versed in the divisions of power abroad ever seem to realize, despite being relatively intelligent otherwise :]