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Here in germany there are several ways where people wanting to work in IT have contact with existing code:

  • There is apprenticeship (not students) where people work up to 4 days a week in a company and having in the first year 2 and then in the following 2 years 1 day a week to spent at school. They get the most coding experience but oftentimes this lacks most of the important CS stuff.

There are two types of Universities:

  • The classical university
  • The so called (Fach-)Hochschule which was/is a more "hands on" version of the university and usually brings people faster into jobs. Most visitors of this branch of the educational system spent 3 years to get a bachelor's degree and go into business

AFAIR both of these imply that you have to spend at least half a year at a company to work on "real" stuff and write your thesis after that. I mostly worked with the latter, so I can not say for sure things regarding the further.

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