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Thanks for the article, Antonio! I've been looking into automating my Windows installs. I know this is a couple months old, I just wanted to mention that you may want to look into updating your chocolatey calls to use their defined best practices. For example, your command:

choco install -y make git

when using best practices would look more like:

choco upgrade make git -y

Using upgrade will install if it doesn't exist or upgrade if it does, but install will fail if it already exists. Their best practices just has all options at the end of the command, after your subjects. To be even more concise, the guys at chocolatey say you should specify your package... but that seems overkill unless you're targeting versions for deployments.

Sorry to be pedantic, I've just been hanging out on their site for the last couple of days and now I'm looking for other peoples' real-world use cases. :)


Fair enough. I'm not a heavy chocolatey user so thanks for the heads up :)

I've updated the snippet.

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