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Discussion on: Tell us what you don't know!

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Till Sanders Author

Okay, I go first!

1) 3D Animations: I've been a web developer for over a decade now. And while I've occasionally animated some SVGs, I have never even worked with a Canvas element, let alone developed some 3D rendering. I would like to learn that, but so far my projects didn't require it, so I haven't had the time.

2) Drawing: I've also been an interface designer for years now. I know design is not illustration or art. But I feel like many, if not even most designers are also artistically talented and can draw at least to some degree. I can't. I know what looks good, I know the tools and techniques, but I have never spent much time drawing things to any good at it. It's good enough for sketches, but that's it. And somehow I don't think I will ever learn it.

3) Hardcore Programming: I've always admired people that are diving to the very core of programming to develop their own programming languages drivers for hardware or even entire operating systems. It looks so difficult from the outside that I'm really amazed, any time I get a glimpse at the stuff they're doing. I know, that my talents lie elsewhere, but it's still something, I would at least like to experiment with. Just to get a greater understanding.