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Discussion on: Should You Really be Coding in Dark Mode?

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Tim Fish

Most modern monitors are not OLED yet simply because of the cost of producing panels that large. For example, Apple do not sell an OLED MacBook yet. OLED is becoming pretty common for high end phones.

Most modern monitors do use LED backlights and where these support dynamic contrast they will use less power in dark mode.

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Javan Pohl

LED monitors will only offer energy saving benefits with dark mode if they have "local dimming" (which the ability to turn off certain led nights in response to the image being displayed). And it doesn't appear that this is a very common, or well implemented, feature on PC monitors

Another thing to note with OLED is that the technology is inherently susceptible to burn in. They are not a wise choice for monitors.

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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

100% agree. Wanted to say the same, but then used search :)