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Discussion on: You no longer need to import React from 'react'

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dhondup Author

Hi @seanmclem , It seems like Esbuild, which Vite is based on, doesn't use Babel to compile JSX and I think the new JSX transform requires Babel for all the JSX conversion. I'll get back to you if I can confirm this. Thanks for pointing it out.

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dhondup Author • Edited on

I'm very positive Babel is the reason.

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Anton Melser • Edited on

Not just babel. You can use it with vite (with TS, for example).

"We’d like to thank Babel, TypeScript, Create React App, Next.js, Gatsby, ESLint, and Flow maintainers for their help implementing and integrating the new JSX transform. "

If you are getting an eslint error on one of the other platforms (like TS), you can just (from

If you are using the new JSX transform from React 17, you should disable this rule by extending react/jsx-runtime in your eslint config (add "plugin:react/jsx-runtime" to "extends").