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Discussion on: I am a secondary/high school teacher and programmer, Ask Me Anything!

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tmblog Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Hey Shahid, thanks for the question. It is a hard one! And I am not going to pretend to know the answer but here's somethings I do to ensure I am happy and hope it'll help you somehow, and if you have follow up questions I am happy to answer/support even if you want to private message me.

In the forefront of my mind is that I am working to live so it's pointless if I work and do not live. With that in mind I ensure that:

I don't let work stress me out, I take it easy! I learnt to control my emotions I take a minutes break if it's overwhelming.

I am in control of my life, work comes second but with high priority. I ensure that I meet all deadlines but will not let it eat into my personal time if I am running behind. I let clients know days in advance (and occassionally day before) if I will not be able to meet deadlines. They can get angry/upset and sometimes justifiably, but I won't let that hinder my well-being.

I hope some of that makes sense, I took me a few years to get my head around it. It requires patience, perseverance and resilience.

I know that a lot of things aren't in my control anyway so I don't stress about those things.

I ensure that I at least go out and treat myself with good food at least once every two weeks or more times if need be, we work to eat right? So why not eat good!

I look after myself first because I know I need to be fit, healty and happy in order for me to deliver.

I'm sorry I know this isn't anything near as you'd like or even answers your question, it's hard to put things like this on paper/text. Hope it helps somewhat! God bless!

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Shahid Shaikh

Thank you so much for your response. I can surely use some help from you as I am just starting out in the tech industry (it's 2 years already, I still feel a newbie). I am not sure how to private message you on this platform. If there isn't an option, can you email me on ""?

"I don't let work stress me out, I take it easy! I learnt to control my emotions I take a minutes break if it's overwhelming." -- Probably one thing which I need to learn immediately.

Again, thank you for your words.