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Discussion on: What are your favorite non-programming books?

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Tamir Bahar

Last 2 book I've read:

The Shockwave Rider - An amazing essay-with-a-plot on our information-rich society, written in 1975. Starts off a bit hard-to-read (sci-fi with specific date references), but once you get over it the book is unbelievably insightful. Definitely worth a read. Oh, and it is also great plot-wise.

Neuromancer - First (AFAIK) cyber-punk novel. Very well written. A pleasure to read. On that note, it is quite unbelievable that Disney's TRON came out before this book.

Not of my recently read:

The Art of Doing Science and Engineering - A fantastic book on, well, practical technical (research) work. Hamming did an amazing job writing this one, and I've often taken and applied advice from this book. You can also go for the short version - You and Your Research.