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Please explain how Vue being young and flexible in structure is bad.


It's not really bad(even very often is good) but sometimes it could be problematic to follow when framework is very young and will change constantly.


That doesn't make a lot of sense as a Con of Young Age... Even mature frameworks like Angular and React occasionally change radically (see Hooks). In the world of modern Front End, age is not a measure of few changes.


Have you used Vue? I have, and I don't find it hard to follow at all. It's over 4 years old, and the last major release was over 3 years ago. I mean, features have been introduced in minor releases, but you don't even need to know about those to use it, as is the case with most software.


So far Vue changes have been minor and l don't see a problem with that, unlike other frameworks which transformed completely like AngularJS to Angular.

We use Vue for small projects and don't see issues, it's true Angular had much bigger changes.

Used Vue, for small and for big projects, and have no problem at all, it not up to frameworks how you organize structure of you apps. would put flexibility in pros, not cons.

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