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Discussion on: 13 Reasons Why You Should Use Linux!!

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Security is a process, not a product. Statements like "Linux is less vulnerable than other systems" are in itself invalid. Security largely depends on the skill of the admins, not the OS that is used. A Windows system configured by a skilled admin will be more secure than a Linux system configured by an admin who doesn't know what he is doing. Especially if you go for Linux distributions like Arch or Gentoo, which demand from the admins that they are skilled enough.

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Jonathan Boudreau

By your own admission, the product does matter, although it is largely going to be impacted by the knowledge of the user. Having administered both, I'd say a competent Linux admin is going to be better able to secure their operating system than a Windows one. There are just more options available to lock things down, and you can reduce the attack surface by stripping more components out.