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re: It's really comprehensive and easy to read, it's much better when I was starting out as it took me a while to understand Django using 2 Scoops of D...

Thanks Max, that means a lot! I completely agree with your top two pain points for learning Django.

MVC was a foreign concept to me until I picked up Django. Learning an entirely new software design pattern in parallel to a monolithic framework such as Django is a VERY tall order (in retrospect, I'm not sure how I even managed to stick through it). There may very well be an effective way to convey these concepts to aspiring devs, but I'm not quite sure I've nailed down what that method would look like. It's something I'd love to tackle.

Confusion behind class-based vs function-based views actually threw me for a ride just the other day! This aspect of Django is in need of clearer documentation... perhaps a great candidate for the next post!

Thanks again for chiming in! It's reassuring to hear my personal pain points are shared with others... it's a great way to know what to write about next :)


Hahaha I should thank you as well.

Since I was thinking of what are the other topics for me to write for Django.

If it is such a major pain point.

I might write it down and play around with the newly released Django 3 on how is done.

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