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I know this recipe and I can tell that it's amazing! Pizza turns out great. But I really have super huge problems with transporting pizza onto the baking stone. Any tips or videos on that?

Also, I believe I have the same pizza desk as shown on your picture :D


I am using a very simple pizza/bread shovel.

  • putting some flour on it before placing the pizza
  • gently blow a little bit of air "under" the pizza (like here)

This should make pizza slide off the shovel pretty easily :)


I've done these things (you mention them in your text as well). I was hoping for some protips :D But nevertheless, I will try to make some pizza during my vacations, because it was hundreds of times better than the best ones that you order.

Sorryyyy :( Maybe the dough is to wet or... honestly I don't know. Since I am using the shovel I have never had any problems with transporing a pizza onto the stone.

Yeah I think that it might be too wet. Plus it easily rips, so I think the problem lies there :(

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