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Discussion on: Tell us what your top unpopular tech opinion is 😈

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Tommy Kolkman • Edited on

I've got one: PWA's are not the (immediate) future.

Everyone (and their marketing teams) are jumping on the PWA bandwagon saying that you should do that now for your WordPress / Magento / whatever shop.

The point is that the ecosystems around those frameworks are far from ready for offering everything via API's. Just think of the Magento ecosystem for example; all the extension vendors need to switch their way of working before a Magento API would be really complete.

Apart from that; frameworks exist to make you ship faster. They still do, though some of them do have crazy weird front-end layers. It's still faster now to ship from there instead of building something from the ground.

Though I do see a lot of potential in stuff like VueStorefront, it's still way to early for me to switch.

But maybe I'm a dino.