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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Travis van der F.

Both have ecosystems and expected standards - basically a philosophy.

However, to keep this simple (and from my perspective), the key differences that I've noticed over the years:


  • Used by a lot of companies in the US.
  • Has amazing marketing and community support.
  • Has a huge toolset and this architecture is expected to be used.
  • Laravel libraries are Laravel packages only (developer(s) will need to make non-laravel specific version).
  • Projects are easily bootstrapped and can be deployed quickly (only if the developer knows the framework and its tools).


  • Used by a lot of companies in Europe (especially in France)
  • Has very little to no marketing, has a community but only focused on the Symfony 'Core' Bundles and documentation.
  • Follows domain-driven specific code standards and allows full flexibility.
  • Symfony libraries are not specific to bundles, therefore they are universal and are standalone libraries (that can be used in any project including Laravel).
  • Projects can go deeply into specific company/business requirements.