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Discussion on: About Windows for devs

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Chad Smith

I have tried both Linux and Windows as my primary development OS. For me I just stuck with Windows in the long run for my development. Mostly because it just already has what I need and supports it very well. What I use for development is supported on Windows very well so I just find it easier. Go to their website, download and install version needed. Done. Don't need to remember to do an "apt-get" or whatever you use. Don't need to remember or know what version is in the repo. I guess I never really believed I needed a package manager. Sense what I use is already supported really well I just find it easier to go to their website and get exactly what I needed that way. But maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I'll be the first to admit I could be.

Plus Microsoft has made great strides all around. I do use the WSL and love it for the times I do need to drop and use BASH commands. Plus the move and push of .NET Core and the .NET Standard you can easily go and use Linux or OSX all you want, if that is your cup of tea too. Microsoft has really improved and started to support developers all around.