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Discussion on: Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

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UdeshkumarGanesan • Edited

Of course, it is possible to become better developer in web development even without CS Degree because web design is related to media and art, creativity is enough, really. But, that kind of mind set won't be successfull if some one wants to become Java Developer without degree, if someone wants to develop graphical software application for fields like space engineering, aeronautic engineering. It will rip them into pieces, if they have similar mind-set, I mean firstly won't even get hired in such fields.

Let me tell you a funny thing about me, I partially know C and C++ for almost 12 years and still learning. I begin to learn languages HTML, CSS, JS just few months ago and now I can feel I am able to design pages like pro. Like you said plenty of resources available and it's the coolest stuff to develop. There are some things that we can actually do in computer science without schooling, but most part of work in CS, need a strong foundation, honestly.

And, if we look back the history of computer science Internet is a giant technical thing and that web design is just one tiny part of Internet. The reason why I mention about web development here is because the large part of group of people are from there, who constantly keep on saying do not go to college. I would advise them please stop playing with others life/vision. Try thinking about a project aimed to clean the polluted part of internet, as the complexity increases you will know why strong education is still needed))

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