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Discussion on: 5% privilege tax for working remotely?

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🦄N B🛡 • Edited

These buzz-words of "privileged groups" and "exploited groups" strike me as characteristic of the new Marxists.

Why do so many popular issues get shoe-horned into this oppressor-oppressed class conflict ideology? It's flawed, because it doesn't account for individual agency, perhaps by design.

The logic is that if you have a privilege, you should have a tax, right? Am I missing something?

A privilege tax for using free software, because those with "FOSS-Privilege" don't contribute nearly as many billions of dollars back to the Operating System subfield of the software development industry?

A Privilege Tax for people who move closer to their work so they only have to walk?

A Privilege Tax for male privilege, or high-functioning autism privilege?

A Privilege Tax for those with a high IQ?

These things are un-earned, but the benefits accorded by them do take a modicum of effort to preserve and seize.

Privilege ==> Punishment is the calculus of the likes of Harrison Bergeron. It's a quick read, and Vonnegut's as good an author as any.

> Hominem unius libri timeo.