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Discussion on: What are your favorite non-technical podcasts?

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Valentin Baca • Edited on

Welcome to Night Vale: fictional community radio show for a desert town where weird things happen.

My Brother, My Brother And Me: a hilarious "advice" show. Three brothers "help" people who write in questions from Yahoo! Answers

Limited Resources: a niche podcast for nuts-and-bolts Spikes looking to improve at Magic: the Gathering draft and sealed (If you know that those words mean, then it's for you).

S-Town: just started listening to this. It's in the same vein as Serial.

(shameless plug) Feminist Nerds: a podcast made by my SO and her friend discussing comics and other nerdy interests from an intersectional feminist perspective. I've been a guest on a few episodes.

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Shane Barry Author

+1 for S-Town.

If you like S-Town you should check out Dirty John