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re: How do you decide what order to put code in? VIEW POST


for java classes, this is a rough outline, but it's not very strictly enforced.

public class Foobar {
    // public static final constants
    // private static final constants
    // private fields
    // public static methods (usually means there are no constructors)
    // constructors
    // public methodAA
    // private methodXX that *only* methodAA calls
    // public methodBB
    // private methodYY that *only* methodBB calls
    // (and so on...)
    // private static methods (usually validation)
    // private methods used by several methods

public methods should probably be in alphabetical order, but not important at all.

I personally really dislike "section header" comments, since they do very little. I can tell where the private methods are because they say private. I really dislike seeing:

/**************PRIVATE METHODS**********************/

Two line breaks between "sections" is more than enough to indicate a new "code paragraph"

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