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VIDEO: How to hold a review and develop the skills of a team

To save employees from monotonous routine, stagnation and burnout, a manager should constantly develop them professionally, and hold skills review. SETTERS chose Vectorly to assess and motivate their team.

In this video, HR manager at SETTERS Liza will tell how they develop specialists inside the agency, growing juniors into middles and seniors.

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✍🏻Author of the original article: Liza Ryabko, SETTERS

00:18 - SETTERS main goal is to develop employees inside the agency
00:36 - 360-degree reviews to assess skills
00:55 - How to hold a review with Vectorly
02:06 - Review insights
02:20 - Creating growth plans for employees
02:37 - Main steps to run a skills review
02:40 - Benefits of using Vectorly to assess and develop employees

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