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  • Dell Optiplex 9020 tower: i7, 16 Gig RAM, 1 TB hdd, NVidia GTX 645
  • 2 X standard-issue Dell monitors (1680x1050, matte screen)
  • Logitech Trackman Marble, 5" USB fan, Verilux full-spectrum desk lamp, Logic3 Ferrari T250 headphones


  • Thinkpad T520: i5, 16 Gig RAM, 60 Gig mSATA SSD boot + 120 Gig SSD filesystem, 1600x900 matte display
  • Thinkpad docking station, AKG 518LE headphones


  • Linux Mint 18
  • Komodo Edit, Guake, Back in Time, Pidgin (Google and Skype for Business chat), Wunderlist,
  • Virtual Box w Windows 10 VM, Vagrant w Ubuntu 14.04 LAMP-stack box
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