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Discussion on: I Am Unhireable

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Victor Hazbun

I can tell you why you are stuck...

It will hurt so don't take it personal:

  • Seems like you made a mistake by staying for too long in a company, that means doing the same over and over which is really bad because you did not experienced new things or faced new challenges.
  • You have not invested enough time in learning.

How to fix it:

  • Learn something you will love to make money with.
  • Show what you have learned.
  • Find a job or create a startup.
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Gabriel Laroche (he/they)

I disagree with you, as an employer, I would love to have somebody who has worked at the same place for 10 years, because that would prove that that person is loyal. Also just because you work at the same place for a long time, it doesn't mean that you're doing the same thing over and over again and that you're not evolving or facing new challenges.

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Jaakko Kangasharju Author

About loyalty (not directed at you, but as a general note), it's good to remember that loyalty is a two-way street. Loyalty in an employee is a good quality, but the employer also needs to be deserving of that loyalty.

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Scott Yeatts

I'm not sure you read the whole post here.

He never said he felt he was stuck... nor did it sound like he was having trouble finding or keeping a job since he's currently employed in a position where he gets consistently good feedback and doesn't seem like he wants to leave.

The main point is to challenge some of the stereotypes in the development community about each attribute he lists in the article. He DEFINITELY doesn't seem like he's "not invested enough time in learning" (I mean... it's right there... The man's full title is Dr. Jaakko Kangasharju), but these points don't sound like a person who feels stuck or is looking for advice on how to get out, but more like a great programmer who is mystified at some of the prevailing biases (Age discriminatory, anti-academia, anti-work-life balance, anti-mid-career switchers, etc) currently prevalent in the industry.

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Erich Grunewald • Edited

You are making a lot of unfounded assumptions about the author, who, by the way, never said he was "stuck", but on the contrary seems to rather enjoy his current work.

I should know, since I am a colleague of his. I can also inform you that, working at a software agency, he experiences new things and faces new challenges on a regular basis, and moreover needs to invest a considerable amount of time in learning. (This, I think, you would have seen had you read any of his previous posts here, many of which show some of the things he's learned over the past couple of years.)

Perhaps founding startups or making money is what works for you, but it's not what works for everyone.