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Discussion on: What is Event Driven Architecture (EDA)?

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To implement asynchronous behavior your blog suggests Solace's pub/sub. Is there any comparison with other alternatives?

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Himanshu Gupta Author

It's tough to compare different solutions without considering the specific problems/requirements you are trying to solve. Solace's PubSub+ is a great solution for enterprises since it comes with all the bells and whistles you would need and in many cases require due to regulatory requirements such as high-availability, Disaster Recovery, proper authentication and authorization etc.

Additionally, there are two types of brokers, smart brokers and dumb brokers. With smart brokers, most of the logic sits with the brokers whereas, with dumb brokers, you have to implement most logic on the publisher and consumer side which means more work and maintenance for developers and middleware teams. Solace's PubSub+ falls in the smart broker category.

Here is some documentation which compares Solace with kafka:

Hope that helps!