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Discussion on: Your 30th Year in Code

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Damir Franusic • Edited on

I am totally in awe of Your ingenious article, congrats. I am not there yet, I am pushing 20 years of coding and have started to notice changes. One of the most prominent one is that I'm no longer living for the company, but living off the company. I have also developed preferences like you mentioned, and prefer some older tools over the new ones. I also try to avoid getting dragged into discussions about which language or tool is better because it's pointless.

I have to admit that I am currently struggling with burnout but hopefully I'll get myself together.

My first post here was about my background and the recent burnout. I've recently discovered a new interest of mine, which is psychology, and I tend to pursue that path and see where it takes me. I can't do dev, dev and only dev all the time anymore.

Congrats on the article,