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Jaime 🔥🧙‍♂️🔥 Author

Hi Jim! Thank you for your comment! _^

Actually I started with a vim plugin in Visual Studio. At first it was hard, I wasn't a typist (typed with 3 fingers on each hand for the last 15 years) and I was not very productive.

I also started using VsVim with Visual Studio and also wasn't a typist. The first week was excruciatingly slow :D. Just switching to touch typing (without vim) took me at least a month of early mornings and late afternoons just practicing touch typing. I even overstrained my wrists and the pain lasted for months. But in the end it all worked out just like in your case :D

Basically, I learned by searching for what I wanted to do then write it on a sheet. I made my own cheat sheet and it really helped me learn a lot of Vim syntax.

Great idea! :D