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Discussion on: Patterns for writing better git commit messages

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Vishnu Haridas

Good ideas. Adding examples will be good to see.

Here are my rules that I stick on to:

  • Use simple present - Update login button to use the new API
  • Begin fixes with "Fix" and include ticket number if possible - Fix #234: User cannot log in with email
  • If pausing the work today and planning to continue tomorrow, start with [WIP] (Work-In-Progress) - [WIP] improving the login process
  • Begin temporary commits (usually for testing out something) with [TEMP] - [TEMP] add a temporary logout button
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Helder Burato Berto Author

Nice tips!
The unique one I try to maintain in the body is the ticket ID because in my case it's just to be tracked in Jira and isn't to be shown.