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I don't want to distribute a list of my private files and directories in project to other developers. I save my settings to .git/info/exclude


Sure - I get that. There's a purpose for that ~/.git directory in addition to .gitignore on individual projects. The latter is useful if you ever work with anyone else, which is where this config and tool come in...


Each developer on a project can have a different IDE and it is unnecessary to accumulate it in one .gitignore. The third solution is the global .gitignore.

I usually use my own Makefile to handle the project on local machine.

Different strokes, I suppose. There are absolutely some files that are regularly .gitignoreed that are independent of IDE.

node_modules/ forel example, and often there are .env.something files with varying names depending on the project type.

I'm sure you've experienced this in varying degrees throughout your career - there's rarely a clear-cut, single answer to anything we do. I'm not sure it benefits anyone much to world such a broad cudgel as to call a tool like this unhelpful because of your preference.

I'd imagine we could think of a dozen other reasons for and against this over a coffee. Maybe we will get to one day!

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