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Hello Ali,
Very nice work and repository. I have been working on my projects for few months now. But, this Hacktoberfest I started getting contributions from other developers using hacktoberfest label on issues.

What I have learned is that you will have to keep 3 things in mind and try to manage those as much as you can:

  1. Create a great Read Me and easy to follow instructions of what this is and how can you help.
  2. Create issues describing almost everything. Do not put just title. Put the issue description of like "What's current state?" and "What's the expected state?" and "How this should be done?". Describe it as much as you can and then I hope you will get good pull requests.
  3. Remain as much responsive as you can. Open source is global phenomena, so you never know what kind of timezone you get contributors from. So, try to answer their queries as fast as possible. That way, they won't lose you and they will work on it.

Hope this helps. Also, I am following this thread so that I can learn from other devs about their way :)

Good luck :)


Thank you so much! I especially like the part about issues -- going to need to put some work into them!


Don't forget the CONTRIBUTING.MD it's a lot easier with this ^

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