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Support External Code Snippets & Output/Result Embed

The development team announces the immediate availability of External Code Snippets & Output/Result Embed is supporting for all 36 programming languages on

Alt code snippets embed

What is embed code?

The "embed code" is a block of HTML which is embedded in the page-source and creates an object in doing so.

one of the most basic languages used on the web, used to design and lay out web pages. You often see this code when you're in the "back end" of your blog post.
Here's what a string of HTML code looks like:
Alt HTML embed code


the process of putting something into a website or blog post. It's often referenced with HTML to designate interactive content taken from social and content networks. It's a great way to get interactive, visual content on your blog without designing a thing.

How to embed your code snippets through for your web page, blogs, articles and your Apps?

You can follow the below video to get it:

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