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Discussion on: Ten Tips for Becoming an Elite Developer

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Daniel Warren Author

A coworker and I always debate 2 vs. 4 spaces (he's in the 4 space camp). As a joke, I suggested going rogue and doing five just to prod him, ha. Thanks for the read. I thought it was very obviously satire, but now I'm not so sure, haha.

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Cristhian Reinoso

No spaces is the new 4 spaces.

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Erick Ruano

I also cracked at #3 since I've been struggling with a co-worker who always justifies his awful practices and lack of adherence to project's styling decisions with: "Code is art, i have my own style" 😂

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Adam Coster

It's a classic Poe's Law situation.

Team Two Spaces, all the way.

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Christian Baer

Couldn't you compromise on using 3 spaces?