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re: I think IDEs are often an overkill. If I'm building something small, I don't need a heavy IDE. If I'm building something larger, I prefer using the...

Of course, if you need something simple, a text editor would do. I use Atom for these things nowadays all the time.

While I love the UNIX philosophy I also know that most IDEs are plugin-based where you can disable 90% of the monster and leave only 10% of what you need, and then add few plugins on top of that. You could say that IDE has its own little “UNIX” inside of it.

The difference between a plugin-based text editor and IDE is that one is based on text and the other one is based on the code Abstract Syntax Tree. Refactorings in the latter are much faster and robust. Which is what I value personally a lot, as I do them every 2-5 minutes as part of the TDD cycle.

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