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re: I just have 8GB in total on my machine. point 1 and 2 work great for me also in VSCode with the right plugins. I just type something and then pre...

I would rather say that your problem is that you are having one project with 20000+ npm packages. I try to keep my services small.

Welcome to frontend ;)

You can get these numbers just when you bootstrap a new empty codebase…

I’m not refactoring any of the NPM package dependencies. You’re too much focused on that. This is normal in frontend projects.

I’m talking about refactorings that I need to do in the normal course of the proper TDD workflow: write a failing test, make it pass with a simplest (but perhaps dirty) implementation, refactor to make the design cleaner, and then repeat over and over again.

It would be wonderful to be able to point to a YouTube (or Vimeo) video of half an hour of someone doing these amazing refactorings that one should do 20 times per hour as a part of normal development flow. It’s called continuous refactoring. But I don’t know of any at this moment. (maybe I should ask on Twitter if anybody has such a video)

Otherwise, it’s like we’re talking about different worlds.

I have 16GB on personal. And at work, I have 32GB. The cost of this RAM is much lower than the potential sacrifice of developer’s productivity.

I mean this are all valid points but at the end people are different. So if it works for you good more power to you.

I just like to think first about the how I will do stuff. Even on paper and then execute. So maybe that's why I like normal editors more.

And I do 7. A little bit less than you, I guess. In the past the proliferation of packages and dependencies was not as much…

That's true.

I also try to prevent to load to much packages. When I can I just take the one functionality it of the package and just put it into the project ;)

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