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Discussion on: Improving Our GitHub Actions Runner Orchestrator

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Stephen O'Brien Author • Edited on

That looks great! I wanted to end this series with something similar, but decided to not go down that path. The main reason is if you look in the actions-runner code, after registration it just polls a url like pipelines.actions.githubuserconten.... I think uses part of the AzureDevOps infrastructure.

If github documented this and made it a public API we could build agentless ephemeral runners much much easier. The check run API is good, but this would be even better. I am thinking of building something around this as a POC, if I get some time.

Still, your solution looks great also, there are quite a few great solutions out there now. I can't use lambda currently but may look at something similar, based off that, once we need to use self hosted actions. Thanks for sharing!