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As a product manager, I've found that the biggest problem new devs have is navigating and dissecting our fairly expansive codebase. It's one thing to know how to code, it's an entirely different thing to jump into a mature, commercial-grade product.


Sounds like a great idea for another 10,000 foot approach to programming..

Rather than another 'Hello World!'


Needed. My God the first time I was in a saas, it was terrifying. Been in other code bases before taking apart things, etc, but that was a whole other monster of 10 years worth of code.


Absolutely! I am sort of a "newb", but I have worked on a few projects that I didn't understand all of the codebase even if I knew the framework/library. I am fearful of applying to jobs and so stuck in tutorial hell precisely because of that hinderance. Brilliant suggestion, Wesley.

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