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You could also combine both solutions.

const by = property => function (object) {
  const value = object[property];
  return !(this.has(value) || !this.add(value));

const myFitleredArr = myArr.filter(by('name'), new Set);

This way you could reuse over and over the given Set, but you could also make it a one-shot each time.

const by = key => {
  const set = new Set;
  return obj => !(set.has(obj[key]) || !set.add(obj[key]));

Thanks, but there is a typo apptets instead of accepts, and I think you should explain the one-off approach too, where you don't need to pass any Set.

Passing new Set is not super handy if you never reuse that Set, so that in such case not passing a second argument to filter(...) provides a better UX.


This is a very good hint.
I'll edit soon the post adding this solution with some explanations.

Thank you, Andrea!

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