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Discussion on: How to Get Into Ethereum | Crypto | Web3 as a Developer

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Great to see a post aimed at getting apps on blockchains like Ethereum.

For website development, Nimiq can be an interesting project. Nimiq aims to be a cryptocurrency network for fast and near free payments. Nothing new there.

But the unique aspect is that it all runs in a browser. Your user does not have to install anything. Just point and click and they have a wallet. It takes 30 seconds to create one.

The link is:

The crazy aspect is that the connection to the network is direct. There is no server handling the connection and pruning the data for the user. A 100% direct connection in a few seconds, all in the browser. A very nice feat and ideal for integration in web apps.

For talented web devs like you, it should be easy to incorporate Nimiq in a webpage. Like a game or a shop. Some examples of games that use NIM as currency. Make a wallet and you can earn some playing the games.