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re: So are old people but nobody complains about a lack of them in tech. Who gets to decide which minorities to champion. What we need is interested, t...

Lots of things to riff on in such a tiny comment.

Firstly, people DO bring up age discrimination in tech. Especially with respect to the Silicon Valley tech culture.

Secondly, what does your last sentence have to do with championing an underrepresented group?

My second sentence was so that people didn't think I am racist. And dismiss my criticism of the obsession with this kind of identity politics. is so full of people preaching about what we should and shouldn't do and desperately trying to signal their virtues it just gets really boring. The constant underlying assumption is that every group that is underrepresented is actively being discrimination. Correlation is not causation.

Well, my only response at this point is really to encourage you to re-read this comment thread and really interrogate who is dismissing who.

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