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Discussion on: Git Workflow: Should the history of commits show the real time of your work?

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willsmart • Edited on

Like the topic!

I just see commits a little units of work, less like people in a queue, more like bolts in a car. So personally I don't place any importance on timestamps, and am only concerned about commit ordering in so far as merge conflicts and other forms of clobbering.

Also I make extensive use of rebasing and that resets commit timestamps, so a lot of my work appears to have taken a day of thinking time and 0.01 sec to code up, looking at a git log anyway.

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dAVE Inden Author

Thanks! Very good point. Git is a powerful tool that allows us to do a lot. In many ways the metadata can be altered by our actions to change the picture of how the work was completed that doesn't reflect the reality.