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  1. HR I underwent a similar path but luckily (for me) had the opposite experience, however like you i would still inform my little-me the same as you. NEVER assume HR is there to help you, they serve the company's best interest. Having that in mind you can still turn things "to help the company" ;-)
  2. Amen
  3. Trust & respect is earned, not given for free, always be on your guard.
  4. Amen, Do what you feel you can contribute the best with.
  5. Amen, To add, learn to ask your manager during 1 on 1 meetings what (s)he thinks you can do better or do really well. Also discuss career growths in advance so you can work on it as a personal/unit/company target.

To add a mix of your experiences and my own,

  • No is a perfectly valid answer, even to your manager/CEO. Learn to explain or ask if your current work needs to be dropped, delayed or transferred though. It's better to be honest if you do not have time for something, than to create more problems that might escalate later.
  • Know when to speak, and when not to speak, considering the consequences first.
  • Avoid people with a "9-5 + i'm not payed for this + cant be arsed to learn/train this or that" mentality. They're generally a source of negativity and are stuck where they are with no desire for self-improvement.
  • Learn how to fish, ask to be taught to fish, do not ask for fish.
  • Document/Archive your achievements

My biggest learning moment was:
Everyone has their own method of communicating, Looks past how someone is behaving/talking/dressing. Rather look at how their information can help you. Sometimes a person can be rude af, however if their knowledge is spot on, find a way to deal with it or invest time on why they are like that.
Since in the end it's YOU who is achieving something, not them.

Also... i aimed to make a much shorter comment, i blame you! nice article <3


This is a great reply to supplement the post 💪🕺

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