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Discussion on: Is Angular dead ?

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wkrueger • Edited on

People used with Spring backend usually choose Angular straight for frontend dev.

React has issues which angular doesnt have (but Vue also doesnt have them). Vue prob has the best of both worlds.

I actually think that getting into Angular is quite easy. Would probably be easier than React if we didnt have a documentation issue. Yeah, Angular's docs are quite intimidating, that scares people out.

More than docs, Angular ppl want to push RxJS, which is not necessary in 95% cases, but veeery scary. RxJS is feels like the VIM of libraries.

React is not simple. It just hides its complexity on its initial docs / learning process. It looks straightforward at first sight then you stumble upon multiple issues. For instance: It is much simpler to write a shared angular service than to design an efficient react context. Even hooks are quirky AF.