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re: Yes thats true. I don't do much graphic stuff but yeah all the adobe stuff does not work in Linux and Wine or virtualization makes adobe products ...

I agree with you Figam rocks but blender might be a problem with OpenCL in my case doesn't work.

I always liked working with it by rendering on GPU.

Strange but last time I used blender it was in university which is almost 10 years ago.

But I know people who use blender on Linux and also as rendering machines with linux in the cloud

I guess it depends on each case. In the old days when cycles and blender 2.72 where famous these problems were not present. But they are now unfortunately.

The era of Vulkan and mesa made some changes and also the lack of support from AMD makes everything worse.

So in short Blender 2.8 doesn't recognize my video card no matter what I do. I also installed OpenCL.

So this is a good thing for everyone to keep in mind GPU might not work.

Thanks for the quick follow up.

Okay that sucks :/

I hope AMD will up there game with the new GPU's as they did with the new CPU's when it comes to open source if they really want to compete with Intel. Especially in the server market it is important to have good Linux support.

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