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This makes it a remarkably sad day for me. Github is one of very few companies I genuinely like so far.

Let me share a story. I used to be a loyal Skype user for many years, and right after Mocrosoft bought them, they introduced subscriptions. They said, pick a country, pay a fixed rate every month and get unlimited calls to the chosen country. Since my girlfriend of the time was living in China, I happily paid for two years of subscription. After about 8 hours of calls in total, I get disconnected mid-call and my account is banned. I call back from my other Skype account and tell the person that I was banned, and that I need to sort ot out. As soon as I hang up the call, my second account gets banned as well.

So, I call Microsoft support and demand that they either unban or refund ~$300 in unused balance that I had across both accounts. They told me that “my network was suspected of fraud”, as well as that my accounts were “frozen” along with the balance. I was also told that investigation process would take approximately 6 months.

It’s been almost five years since then, both my accounts are still banned and I never saw my unused balance again.

The moral of the story is that Microsoft already has a track record of acquiring awesome companies and turning them into shit. It really saddens me to see that potentially happening to Github. Oh, also, getting Github accound banned for no reason and losing access to private repositories? That would be way worse than losing ~$300.

Totally going to rent an AWS box, set up Gitlab and move every last line of my code there.

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